Huang Daozhou

Huang Daozhou (Chinese: 黃道周; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: N̂g Tō-chiu, 1585–1646) was a Chinese calligrapher, scholar and official of the Ming dynasty.

Huang Daozhou
Huang Daozhou.jpg
Portrait of Huang Daozhou by Zeng Jing
Senior Grand Secretary
In office
Preceded byMa Shiying
Succeeded byLu Zhenfei
Personal details
Tongshan (modern Dongshan), Chiuⁿ-phó͘, Fujian, Ming dynasty
Died1646 (1647) (aged 61)

Huang obtained the degree of Jinshi in 1622. He subsequently held various government positions, including Minister for Education. He was known for providing candid advice to the emperors. This made him very unpopular with the Chongzhen Emperor. As a result, Huang was demoted and sent to prison.

In his later years, he volunteered to fight against the Manchurian invasion. He was captured and, refusing to surrender, was killed by the Manchurian army.


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