House of Châteaudun

The House of Châteaudun is a medieval lineage that once possessed the Viscounty of Châteaudun, the County of Perche, and the County of Anjou.

Origin of the House of ChâteaudunEdit

The House of Châteaudun descended from Gauzfred I (or Geoffrey I) whom Count Theobald I of Blois made Viscount of Châteaudun in 956. Recent research makes him a direct-line agnatic descendant of the Frankish family Rorgonides. For a list of the Counts and Viscounts of Châteaudun, see the article Counts of Châteaudun.

Branches of the House of ChâteaudunEdit

The House of Châteaudun split in two distinct branches. Descended from Fulcois du Perche, probably the second son of Gauzfred I, were:


Note: The dotted lines represent hypothetical relationships.

It is not clear whether Hugh, Archbishop of Tours, and Adalaud of Château-Chinon are sons or grandsons of Geoffrey I of Châteaudun. Some sources say that Geoffrey had a son called Hugh, who was himself viscount of Châteaudun, and both the Archbishop of Tours and the Lord of Château-Chinon would in turn be his sons. The number of people called "Hugh" who were viscounts of Châteaudun is thus unclear, and the numbering of each viscount with this name could be wrong by 1.
The parentage of Fulcois is also disputed. Some sources put him as the son of Geoffrey I of Châteaudun. Others claim he was his grandson-in-law through marriage to a granddaughter of Geoffrey called Melisende.



  1. ^ extinction delayed until 1226 with death of Thomas's uncle William.