House of Carafa

The House of Carafa or Caraffa[1][2] is a noble Neapolitan family of Italian nobles, clergy, and men of arts, known from the 12th century. The family rose to prominence during the 14th century, under the Angevin rule in Naples and established itself as one of the leading noble families of southern Italy in the 15th century under the Aragonese dynasty. Across the time, the family split in many lines, the most important being the Princes of Roccella, the Dukes of Andria, the Princes of Stigliano, the Dukes of Maddaloni, the Dukes of Nocera and the Dukes of Noja. The family gave sixteen cardinals to the Church, including one pope, Paul IV.

Coat of arms of the House of Carafa.

Members included:


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