Hotel Ukraine, Chernihiv

Hotel Ukraine (Ukrainian: Готель Україна), also referred to as Hotel Ukraine, was a building located in the center of Chernihiv. Near the hotel are the main post office, shops, banks, ATMs, theater, hairdresser, coffee shop, pharmacy, central market and more.[1][2][3][4][5]

Hotel Ukraine
General information
LocationChernihiv, Ukraine
Address33 Myru Avenue
Coordinates50°29′40″N 31°17′42″E / 50.49444°N 31.29500°E / 50.49444; 31.29500
Other information
Number of rooms93
Number of suites13
Number of restaurants1

It was destroyed in 2022.[6]

History edit

The hotel first opened in 1961.

On March 12, 2022, in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a FAB-500 missile, shoot by the Russian army, destroyed the building.[7]

Description edit

Three-star Hotel Ukraine was located in the center of Chernihiv, 200 meters from the central Krasna Square. The hotel had93 rooms of different categories. Each room is equipped with cable TV, air conditioning, a mini safe and a refrigerator

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