Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Tammer is a historic hotel built in 1929, situated near Tammerkoski rapids in central Tampere, Finland.

Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Tammer
Hotel Tammer
Hotel Tammer is located in Finland
Hotel Tammer
Location within Finland
Hotel chainRadisson Blu
General information
LocationTampere, Finland
AddressSatakunnankatu 13, FI-33100 Tampere
Coordinates61°30′03″N 023°45′54″E / 61.50083°N 23.76500°E / 61.50083; 23.76500
Design and construction
Architect(s)Bertel Strömmer
Other information
Number of rooms87
Number of suites3
Number of restaurants3

History Edit

The Hotel Tammer is one of Finland's oldest operating hotels. The building is listed as a part of Tammerkoski national heritage area by the Finnish National Board of Antiquities.[1] Built in neo-classical style and designed by town architect Bertel Strömmer, it was ready to open just in time for the 150th birthday of Tampere in fall 1929. A tragic event, sinking of steamer SS Kuru in lake Näsijärvi, cancelled all festivities. The depression years in the beginning of 1930s drove Hotel Tammer into financial trouble. At the end of the 1930s a better economic situation saved the hotel.[2]

A plaque in Hotel Tammer about Lauri Törni’s jägers being banned from meeting there in 1946.

During its history Hotel Tammer has hosted many famous guests including the Finnish marshal Gustaf Mannerheim and the Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin. Also Nobel laureate in literature Frans Emil Sillanpää was a frequent guest.[2]

The hotel has also been portrayed in books and films. Some of the events in Arto Paasilinnas novel Elämä lyhyt, Rytkönen pitkä were set in the hotel. Also scenes for a film adaptation of the novel were filmed in Hotel Tammer.

Restaurant Edit

Breakfast in the hotel restaurant

Chaine des Rotisseurs restaurant Tammer[3] is located in ground floor of the building. In summertime food is served in terrace restaurant called "Tammerin puisto".

References Edit

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