Hot War is a 1998 Hong Kong thriller film directed by Jingle Ma, starring Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan and Kelly Chen.

Hot War
JyutpingWaan6 jing2 dak6 gung1
Directed byJingle Ma
Written byCalvin Poon
Law Chi-Leung
Chow Siu-Man
Produced byJackie Chan
Raymond Chow
StarringEkin Cheng
Jordan Chan
Kelly Chen
Terence Yin
CinematographyChan Chi-ying
Edited byKwong Chi-leung
Music byPeter Kam
Distributed byGolden Harvest Company
Release date
  • 24 December 1998 (1998-12-24)
Running time
93 minutes
CountryHong Kong
Box officeHK$9,296,000


A group of CIA scientists, C.S. Koo (Jordan Chan), Tango One (Ekin Cheng) and Blue Szeto (Kelly Chan) are working on a secret project called "VR Fighter" which uses a combination of hypnosis and virtual reality to turn ordinary men into super fighters. A rogue terrorist known as Alien (Terence Yin) wants the hypnosis technology to use for inciting riots to drive up commodity prices, and so he kidnaps Blue. C.S. and Tango decide to use VR Fighter to rescue Blue, but during the mission they learn of the project's consequences that it turns some of the subjects into raving homicidal maniacs. The two friends are set against each other, all while Alien is bringing his plan to fruition.




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