Hot Springs (band)

Hot Springs were a Canadian psychedelic indie-rock band based in Montreal, Quebec.[1] They were unusual in the Montreal music scene, in that they had an equal fan-base within both the francophone and anglophone communities.

Hot Springs
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Hot Springs in performance
Background information
OriginMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Years active2004 (2004)-2008 (2008)
Past membersRémy Nadeau-Aubin
Frédéric Sauvé
Giselle Webber


Formed in the spring of 2004, Hot Springs featured Giselle Webber on vocals and guitar,[2] Rémy Nadeau-Aubin on guitar, Frédéric Sauvé on bass and Anne Gauthier on drums (previously Karine Lauzon).[3]

Hot Springs released their first EP, Rock Partouze in 2005.[4][5] The band's track "Caco Disco" hit No. 1 on the local college charts, and they received MIMI (Montreal Independent Music Initiative) nominations in both the EP and Rising Star categories, and a number of radio and television spots within the francophone media circuit.

The band's first, and only, full-length album, Volcano was released on September 18, 2007, under Quire Records.

In October, 2008, Hot Springs disbanded when lead singer/songwriter Webber chose not to continue.[6]



Rock Partouze (2005)

  1. Bacteria
  2. Bet Number Two
  3. Ici
  4. Caco Disco
  5. Kalamata


Volcano (2007)

  1. Headrush
  2. Cellophane
  3. Fog and the Horn
  4. Tiny Islands
  5. Fantôme Dinosaure
  6. Pink Money
  7. Annimystique
  8. Gotta DJ
  9. Hary and Airee
  10. 38th Adventure

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