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Hot Head Burritos is a restaurant chain based in Dayton, Ohio. The restaurant specializes in Mexican-style burritos and other Mexican-style foods. Hot Head Burritos was ranked by in 2009 as one of America's next big chains.[1] In 2011, Hot Head Burritos was named 41st on FastCasual's list of 2011's Top 100 Movers and Shakers.[2]

Hot Head Burritos
FoundedDayton, Ohio, United States (March 2007 (2007-03))
  • Cynthia Wiley
  • Raymond Wiley
United States
Number of locations
79 Restaurants (January 2019)
Area served
United States

As of October 2016, 75 locations were in operation in the United States.[3]


The company plans to continue to add more restaurants in the Dayton region.[4][5][6] They have also announced plans to expand into Kentucky and Cincinnati.[7] In 2011, Hot Head announced plans to move into the Columbus, Ohio market. The company in planning for up to 50 restaurants in the Columbus area.[8] On September 21, 2011, Hot Head Burritos opened their first store in the Columbus area located in the Columbus suburb of Hilliard. In November 2011, the restaurant signed a deal for more than 30 additional Ohio locations.[9] As of January 2019, the restaurant had 79 locations in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.[10] Hot Head Burritos operates as a franchise with their headquarters located in Kettering, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton.


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