Hosank (Armenian: Հոսանք), also known as the Armenian-Aryan Racialist Political Movement (Armenian: Հայ-արիական ռասայական քաղաքական շարժում, romanizedHay-ariakan rrasayakan k’aghak’akan sharzhum) is an Armenian National Socialist political movement. It is headquartered in Yerevan.

Հայ-արիական ռասայական քաղաքական շարժում
LeaderHayk Nazaryan
Founded18 December 2021 (2021-12-18)
HeadquartersYerevan, Armenia
IdeologyArmenian nationalism
White supremacy[1]
Political positionFar-right
  •   White   Gold
Slogan"One nation, one state, one will"
Party flag



Hosank was established in 2021 by Armenian American Hayk Nazaryan.[2] On 1 January 2024, members of the group paraded around downtown Yerevan with Nazi stylized flags and members acting out the Nazi salute in remembrance of Garegin Nzhdeh.[3][4]

The movement is not an officially registered political party in Armenia; it has no political representation within the National Assembly.



The movement calls for the establishment of a powerful Armenian state, which includes historical territories of Armenia, as well as Artsakh. The movement supports White supremacy and only allowing individuals who are of entirely of Armenian descent to be allowed citizenship in the country, while also encouraging repatriation from the Armenian diaspora. In addition, the movement supports only Europeans living permanently in Armenia, while referring to non-Europeans as "temporary guests". The movement calls for the creation of a "supreme leader" to govern the nation and would be elected by a minority of citizens who are deemed worthy to vote.[1]

The movement calls for Armenia to be as independent from reliance on other countries as possible, rejects foreign investments, and to only allow Armenian citizens to own property. The movement seeks to ban all foreign media and supports the distribution of National Socialist propaganda. The movement calls for the elimination of all foreign influence on Armenian culture. The movement supports the strengthening and expansion of the Armenian Armed Forces and calls for Armenia to become the most militarized country in the world. The party also opposes LGBT rights, interracial marriage, feminism, Zionism, Marxism, Pan-Turkism, and Anarchism. The movement seeks to safeguard the Aryan race and supports creating alliances with other "Aryan nations".[1][5][6]

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