Horlick Mountains

Horlick Mountains is located in Antarctica
Horlick Mountains
Horlick Mountains
Horlick Mountains in Antarctica

The Horlick Mountains are a mountain range in the Transantarctic Mountains of Antarctica. Some sources indicate that the designation includes the Ohio Range, the Long Hills, and all of the Wisconsin Range, while others suggest that it includes only the eastern portion of the Queen Maud Mountains and the main body of the Wisconsin Range.[1] At one point the designation also included the Thiel Mountains.[2]

The mountains were discovered in two observations by the Byrd Antarctic Expedition, 1933–35, one by Kennett L. Rawson from a position in about 83°05′S 105°19′W / 83.083°S 105.317°W / -83.083; -105.317, at the end of his southeastern flight of November 22, 1934, and another by Quin Blackburn in December 1934, from positions looking up Leverett and Albanus Glaciers. Portions of the Wisconsin Range are recorded in aerial photography obtained by USN Operation Highjump, 1946–47. The entire mountain group was surveyed by USARP parties and was mapped from U.S. Navy aerial photographs, 1959–64. Named by Admiral Richard E. Byrd for William Horlick, of the Horlick's Malted Milk Corp., a supporter of the Byrd expedition of 1933–35.[3]Coordinates: 85°23′S 121°00′W / 85.383°S 121.000°W / -85.383; -121.000

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