Horizon Line

Horizon Line is a 2020 English-language Swedish adventure thriller film directed by Mikael Marcimain and starring Alexander Dreymon, Allison Williams and Keith David. The film concentrates on a pair that desperately struggles to survive, flying a small plane over the Indian Ocean after the pilot suffered a fatal heart attack.[3]

Horizon Line
Horizon Line film poster.png
Teaser poster
Directed byMikael Marcimain
Written by
  • Josh Campbell
  • Matthew Stuecken
Produced byFredrik Wikström Nicastro
CinematographyFlavio Martínez Labiano
Edited byChris Gill
Laura Jennings
Music byJon Ekstrand
Carl-Johan Sevedag
Distributed by
  • SF Studios (Sweden, Finland and Norway)[1]
  • STXfilms (International)
Release date
  • 6 November 2020 (2020-11-06)
Running time
92 minutes
Box office$851,279[2]

Horizon Line was released on 6 November 2020 in Sweden by SF Studios, and in the United States on 12 January 2021 by STXfilms.[4]


Sara is at an island bar and is getting ready to head home. She is with a boyfriend and he asks her for one more drink before she goes. He orders, then heads out of the bar (presumably to the bathroom), and she leaves, as she has stated that she "hates goodbyes."

Fast forward one year later in London, Sara takes a cab to the airport to leave for a wedding.

Visiting Mauritius for her friend’s wedding, Sara hooks up with ex-boyfriend Jackson, misses the last boat to the wedding venue on Rodrigues, and hitches a ride on a small plane piloted by her friend, Freddy Wyman, who is also going to the wedding. She is surprised when it turns out that Jackson has also arranged to fly with Freddy to the wedding.

Freddy invites Sara to the co-pilot seat while Jackson sleeps. During the flight Freddy has a heart attack and passes away, sending the plane into freefall. Sara and Jackson recover, but the autopilot is damaged, and they are faced with the fact that Sara, who Freddy has taught some basics, will need to fly the plane to get them to safety.

They manage to contact Samuel, a local air traffic controller, on the shortwave radio, and he attempts to guide them to safety, but they have to fly through a storm first. They manage to get through the storm but not before they damage their compass. The plane is also starting to lose fuel at an alarming rate. Jackson volunteers to climb out of the plane to try to patch a fuel line. While successful, he badly breaks his arm. The pair decides to shed weight, including the lifeless body of Freddy, to save fuel. Sara realizes they have several bottles of rum that they can use as extra fuel, and she attempts to manually refuel the plane by climbing out the window.

Sara manages the temporary refueling and climbs back into the plane. They try to raise Samuel, but the radio is silent. As the plane runs out of fuel, they spot a small island and attempt to glide the stricken plane to the island. The plane crashes into the sea and flips. Sara rescues Jackson, who got stuck at the wing of the submerged plane, and both barely escape and swim to the barren island.

They make it to the island only to discover that it is just a sandbar that will shortly disappear as the tide rises. As the sand bar disappears, they stay afloat, but Jackson, sensing he is sure to die, offers Sara his life vest. Sara declines, telling him they are a team. Jackson professes his love for Sara as they sense the end is near, but just then a fishing vessel that heard their radio transmission arrives to rescue them.



Principal photography occurred in Mauritius, Dublin and at Pinewood Studios.[5][6][7]


The film was released in theaters in Sweden on 6 November 2020.[8] It was released in the United States on video on demand 12 January 2021, and will be followed by a release on Epix later in the year.[9] The film was released in Taiwan on 31 December 2020.[10] The film was released in South Korea on 10 February 2021.[11] The film will be released in Japan under the title The story of how I flew a Cessna with my ex-boyfriend and the pilot died on 6 August 2021.[12]


Horizon Line has grossed $851,279 at the global box office.[2]


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