Hong Song-nam (Korean홍성남; 2 October 1929 – 31 March 2009) was a North Korean politician who was the Premier of North Korea from 1998 to 2003. He succeeded Kang Song-san. Born in Kangwon Province, he graduated from the Kim Il-sung University and studied electrical engineering at the Prague Technical Institute.

Hong Song-nam
8th Premier of North Korea
In office
5 September 1998 – 3 September 2003
Acting: 21 February 1997 – 5 September 1998
LeaderKim Jong-il
Preceded byKang Song-san
Succeeded byPak Pong-ju
Personal details
Born(1929-10-02)2 October 1929
Died31 March 2009(2009-03-31) (aged 79)
Hong Song-nam
Revised RomanizationHong Seong-nam
McCune–ReischauerHong Sŏng-nam

From 1954 he worked in the North Korean Ministry of Heavy Industry. In 1971–1973 he was Minister of Heavy Industry. From 1973–1975 he was Deputy Chairman of the Administrative Council of the DPRK. In 1973–1977 he was Chairman of the State Planning Commission. From 1982 to 1986 he was First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea of South Pyongan Province. In 1987–1990 he served as Deputy Chairman of the Administrative Council, the chairman of the State Planning Commission of the DPRK. From 1990–1998 he was deputy chairman of the Administrative Council (deputy premier).

Hong died on 31 March 2009. A funeral committee chaired by Kim Yong-nam was appointed with Jo Myong-rok,[1] Kim Yong-chun,[2] and 33 others as its members.[1]

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