Hong Kong women's national field hockey team

The Hong Kong national field hockey team represents Hong Kong in any international field hockey competition. As of December 2017, they are ranked 43rd of the world.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
AssociationHong Kong Hockey Association
ConfederationAHF (Asia)
FIH ranking
CurrentNR (21 December 2020)[1]


World CupEdit

Year Position
France 1974 Did not qualify
West Germany 1976 Did not qualify
Spain 1978 Did not qualify
Argentina 1981 Did not qualify
Malaysia 1983 Did not qualify
Netherlands 1986 Did not qualify
Australia 1990 Did not qualify
Ireland 1994 Did not qualify
Netherlands 1998 Did not qualify
Australia 2002 Did not qualify
Spain 2006 Did not qualify
Argentina 2010 Did not qualify
Netherlands 2014 Did not qualify
England 2018 Did not qualify
Total 14/14

World LeagueEdit

Season Position
Argentina 2012–13 Did not enter
Argentina 2014–15 Round 1
New Zealand 2016–17 Round 1
Total 3/3

Women's Hockey SeriesEdit

Tournaments Place
2018–19 Women's Hockey Series Open

Current squadEdit

The following is a squad list of the Hong Kong women's national field hockey team as of 2018.[2]


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