Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps

Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps is a youth organization based in Hong Kong and formed in 1968 by former Royal Naval Reserve officers by the creation of Hong Kong Law (Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps Ordinance)[1]

Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps
Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps
Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps badge
Founded16 February 1968
CountryHong Kong
TypeMaritime youth charity
Size1800 Cadets and Adult Staff
HeadquartersDiamond Hill, Kowloon
Motto(s)Ready Aye Ready
MarchHeart of Oak
CaptainErnest W K Chan

The HKSCC was linked to British Armed Forces' Combined Cadet Force and Sea Cadet Corps. Since the handover in 1997, the HKSCC is mostly a government funded organisation and does not have any links to the People's Liberation Army Navy. It also receives financial support from Hong Kong Jockey Club and The Community Chest of Hong Kong.

Based at Diamond Hill, Kowloon, the 1800-strong HKSCC has 16 training units and two nautical centres (Stanley Bay and Sai Kung).

Rank & RatesEdit

Ceremonial Guard of the HKSCC participating in a parade commemorating the end of World War II

HKSCC adopts the ranking system from the Royal Navy and their Sea Cadets program:

Ranks and Insignia of HKSCC Officers
Rank Captain (Capt) Commander (Cdr) Lieutenant Commander (Lt Cdr) Lieutenant (Lt) Sub-Lieutenant (S/Lt) Midshipman (Mid)







Ranks and Insignia of HKSCC Instructors/ NCO (Non-commissioned Officer)
Rank Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Petty Officer (PO) Acting Petty officer (APO)




Ranks and Insignia HKSCC Junior Rates/ Cadets
Rank Leading Cadet (LC) Able Cadet (AC) Ordinary Cadet (OC) Junior Cadet (JC) New Entry (NE)






Source: Ranks and Ratings of the Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps


Officers, instructors and cadets wear dark navy berets (peaked, white caps for the instructors and officers), blue shirts, dark navy blue trousers and black boots named the Action Working Dress (AWD) during routine trainings. Its equivalent is the No.4AWD worn across the Royal Navy.

On occasions of ceremonial duties, parades or other public events they will wear white (No.6) or blue (No.1) dress uniforms in summer and winter respectively, similar to the Royal Navy uniform worn by officers, senior and junior rates.

Source: Uniforms of the Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps


The Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps Ceremonial Guard parade out with the replica Enfield L85A1/ (known as SA80 in Royal Navy) rifle.

In the past, they drilled with the Lee-Enfield L59A1 Drill Rifle but rarely do so today.


Training Ships or TS are land base training units for the HKSCC around the territory. Some are named after Her Majesty's Ships of the Royal Navy.

Training Centres

Training Launch

  • Supertee

Disbanded Units


Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps issues their own awards to their members and are not part of the government issued Orders, decorations, and medals of Hong Kong. The medals and clasps are modelled after the ones awarded by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence:

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