Hong Kong 3D Museum

Hong Kong 3D Museum (Chinese: 香港3D奇幻世界) is a privately owned art museum on Granville Road, Hong Kong. Specializing in trompe-l'œil, it opened on 7 July 2014.[1] It features art created by local artists that focuses on local culture and views of the city, and provides instructions to help visitors view and photograph the optical illusions.[2] It was inspired by the Trickeye Museum in Seoul and similar museums in other Asian countries.[3][4]

Hong Kong 3D Museum-Outdoor
Hong Kong 3D Museum-Ticketing
Hong Kong 3D Museum-Entrance

In April 2015, it hosted the first 3D exhibition on the manga series One Piece, which[5] was criticized as prone to continuity errors but otherwise well received.[6][7] In May 2015, a subsidiary gallery of the museum was opened in Ponte 16, Macau.[8]


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