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Gulfstream G500 PlaneView cockpit

Honeywell Primus is a range of Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) glass cockpits manufactured by Honeywell Aerospace. Each system is composed of multiple display units used as primary flight display and multi-function display.

Primus 1000Edit

Primus 2000/2000XPEdit

Primus 2000 and Primus 2000XP are used on:

Primus EliteEdit

Primus Elite is an upgrade to older SPZ-8000 series and Primus 1000 and 2000/2000XP flight decks. The upgrade include replacing the CRT display with the new light weight LCD displays. The Primus Elite displays also include enhanced capability of SVS (Synthetic Vision System), Jeppesen Charts, Enhanced with XM weather, airports, Navaids, TAF, METARs, Geopolitical boundary, Airways, Airspace information, NOTAMs and many more features. The Multi function display will have cursor control device (CCD) to select the various above listed options.

Primus ApexEdit

Primus Apex is based on the Primus Epic and is designed for single-pilot turboprop aircraft and very light jets.

It is installed in:

Primus Epic/Epic 2Edit

Primus Epic and Primus Epic 2 are designed for two-crew business or regional jets.

They are used on:

Dassault's Enhanced Avionics System (EASy) was jointly developed with Honeywell and is based on the Primus Epic.

Gulfstream Aerospace's PlaneView cockpit is also based on the Primus Epic.


Primus Apex flight deck competes with Garmin G1000 and Avidyne Entegra while Primus Epic competes with Rockwell Collins Pro Line on larger aircraft.


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