The Honda S660 is a lightweight two-seater targa sports car manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer Honda with a transverse mid-engine and rear-wheel-drive layout. It is the successor to the Honda Beat (segment-wise), and the Honda S2000 (nomenclature-wise, as it also belongs to Honda's family of "S" models).

Honda S660 (JW5)
2015 Honda S660.jpg
2015 Honda S660 α
ProductionApril 2015 – present
AssemblyJapan: Yokkaichi, Mie
DesignerRyo Sugiura[1]
Body and chassis
ClassKei car
Body style2-door roadster
LayoutTransverse mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive
Engine658 cc S07A Turbo I3-T
Power output47 kW (63 hp; 64 PS)
Wheelbase2,285 mm (90.0 in)
Length3,395 mm (133.7 in)
Width1,475 mm (58.1 in)
Height1,180 mm (46.5 in)
Curb weight830–850 kg (1,830–1,874 lb)
PredecessorHonda Beat


The S660 is a lightweight mid-engined roadster with a targa roof. Its dimensions, due to kei car size restrictions, are nearly identical to the 1990s Beat. It is sold with either a 6-speed manual transmission or a 7-speed CVT with sports paddle shifters, both options being offered on the two trims available (Alpha and Beta). The S660 weighs approximately 830 kg with the manual transmission[2] and 850 kg with the CVT, and have a front/rear weight balance of 45/55.[2]

The naming convention of using the letter "S" followed by the engine displacement is a long-held Honda tradition going back to Honda's second production car, the Honda S500 (from which the S660 draws inspiration).


The S660 is powered by the same turbocharged 658 cc S07A Turbo engine used in the N-One with some mechanical improvements. In the S660, this engine is mid-mounted and produces 47 kW (63 hp; 64 PS) at 6,000 rpm and 104 N⋅m (77 lbf⋅ft) of torque at 2,600 rpm with a redline of 7,700 rpm for the manual transmission and 7,000 rpm for the CVT.[3]

Development and launchEdit

The Honda S660 prototype

A prototype was shown at the November 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.[4] The prototype and proposed production announcement were widely covered in auto enthusiast news sites and blogs.[5][6][7][8] Initial reactions to the concept were favorable.

After the S660 entered the market, its first driving review was in June 2015 of a Japanese-market prototype driven by Top Gear in Tokyo.[9] The author concluded that the car was "supremely maneuverable" but lacked power, something he hoped an export model with a larger motor would amend, and felt that such an export model might be a potential Mazda MX-5 competitor.

First photographsEdit

The prototype S660 was photographed by car enthusiasts at a wintertime car event in early 2015 and published in the Japanese car enthusiast magazine Mag-X, and subsequently republished in the US car blog The Truth About Cars.[10] The pictures included several exterior photos and one of the opened engine compartment.


The development team of the S660 was led by Ryo Mukumoto, who beat out 400 other participants in Honda's in-house competition at the age of 22. Honda made him the youngest lead engineer in the company's history in spite of his lack of engineering experience, and he was given 5 years to develop the S660.[11]


On March 12 2021, Honda officially announced that it will end the production of the S660 in March of 2022.[12]



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