Home from the Sea (film)

Home from the Sea (故郷, Furusato) is a 1972 Japanese drama film directed by Yoji Yamada and co-written by Yamada and Akira Miyazaki.[1][2] Set on a small island in the Seto Inland Sea, the film follows the struggles of Seichi and Minko, a couple making a living by transporting rocks by boat and dumping them at construction sites. The film addresses their precarious livelihood and vanishing way of life.[3]

Home from the Sea
Directed byYoji Yamada
Screenplay byYoji Yamada
Akira Miyazaki
StarringHisashi Igawa
Chieko Baisho
Chishū Ryū
Distributed byShochiku
Release date
  • October 1972 (1972-10)
Running time
96 minutes



In 1973 Hisashi Igawa received the Best Actor Award at the Kinema Junpo Awards, for his role in the film.[citation needed]

The Japan Society describes it as one of Yamada's seminal films.[4]

The film was reviewed by the British Federation of Film Societies.[5] In the journal Film Criticism, it was stated that the film "is virtually a companion piece to The Family."[6]


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