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Holme Dunes is a 192-hectare (470-acre) nature reserve near Holme-next-the-Sea in Norfolk. It is managed by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust,[1] and is a National Nature Reserve.[2][3] It is part of the North Norfolk Coast Site of Special Scientific Interest,[4] Geological Conservation Review site,[5] Nature Conservation Review site, Grade I,[6] Ramsar site,[7] Special Areas of Conservation[8] and Special Protection Area.[9] It is also in the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.[10]

Holme Dunes
Broad Water - - 11484.jpg
Broadwater, a freshwater lake
TypeNature reserve
LocationHolme-next-the-Sea, Norfolk
Area192 hectares (470 acres)
Managed byNorfolk Wildlife Trust

The reserve's sand dunes, salt marsh, pasture and pools are important for breeding birds like pied avocet, and wintering ducks, geese and waders. There are a range of coastal habitats including, freshwater pools, grazing marsh and saltmarsh. Much of the site consists of natural habitats maintained largely by coastal processes.[1]


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Coordinates: 52°58′26″N 0°33′04″E / 52.974°N 0.551°E / 52.974; 0.551