Hoklo Taiwanese

Hoklo Taiwanese (Chinese: 閩南裔臺灣人) or Holo people (Chinese: 河洛人) are a major ethnic group in Taiwan whose ancestry is wholly or partially Hoklo. Being Taiwanese of Han origin, they are generally bilingual in Taiwanese Mandarin and Taiwanese Hokkien. Most descend from the Hoklo people of Quanzhou or Zhangzhou in Southern Fujian, China. The term as commonly understood signifies those whose ancestors immigrated to Taiwan before 1949.

Hoklo Taiwanese
Holo[1] people 河洛人
Total population
Majority of Han Taiwanese people, over 70%
Regions with significant populations
Taiwan, Penghu
Taiwanese Hokkien
Taiwanese Mandarin
Majority: Buddhism;Christianity ; Confucianism ; Taoism ; New Native Shenism ; Animism
Minorities: Chinese Salvationist ; Islam ; Judaism ;Baháʼísm ; Chinese Parsi
Related ethnic groups
Hoklo people, Han Taiwanese, Plains Aborigines, Minyue

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