PT Eka Bogainti, doing business as HokBen (formerly known as Hoka Hoka Bento), is an Indonesian chain of restaurants that serves mainly Japanese-style fast food. Headquartered in the Jakarta capital region, the chain of restaurants span nationwide across the Indonesian islands of Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Sumatra.

PT Eka Bogainti
Company typePrivate
Founded18 April 1985; 39 years ago (1985-04-18)
HeadquartersJakarta, Indonesia
Key people
Paulus Arifin (CEO)
ProductsJapanese-style fast food
HokBen outlet on Jalan Sabang, Jakarta with the old Hoka Hoka Bento logo
HokBen Majapahit Semarang 2, with the new HokBen logo

Nomenclature edit

HokBen is a portmanteau word derived from an early name of the brand, Hoka Hoka Bento, which literally means "steaming bento (Japanese-style takeaway served in box)" in Japanese. It was originally named that way to attract the Japanese expats and the Japanese-enthusiasts in Indonesia.

History edit

Established on 18 April 1985 in Kebon Kacang, Jakarta, under PT. Eka Bogainti by Hendra Arifin,[1] HokBen became the largest Japanese-style fast food chain in Indonesia. Although they serve Japanese-style fast food, the ownership,[2] management and cooks are entirely Indonesian.[3] There is no Japanese involvement in the business.[4]

In April 2008, the firm had 98 outlets.[5] As of April 2010, there were around 120 outlets, with expansion planned to other Indonesian cities in Central Java, Yogyakarta and Bali.[6][7] Today[when?], HokBen has 141 restaurant chains in Java and Bali.

Products edit

Restaurant interior

HokBen serves various Japanese fast food. However, unlike the common ordering and serving method in most fast food restaurants, HokBen's serving arrangement is set similar to a high school cafeteria where customers move along the line with a tray to collect their dishes. Their menu comprises both set meals and à la carte dishes.[8] Although they define themselves as a Japanese restaurant, most of the food served have been adapted to suit Indonesians' taste.[9] Examples of the change include stronger flavor compared to authentic Japanese food as well as the addition of sambal to cater to Indonesians' preference for spicy food.

HokBen set meal

HokBen offers a kids' meal package called "Kidzu Bento" which includes toys. They are also able to accommodate for children's birthday parties in their restaurants.[10] The logo and toys offered are based on Hoka Hoka Bento characters.

Mascot edit

The mascots of HokBen are a pair of adolescent characters named Taro (boy) and Hanako (girl).[11] Both characters appear in the restaurant's logo. It is also used in Japan by New Life Hot Food's.

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