Hoeryong Chongnyon station

Hoeryŏng Ch'ŏngnyŏn station is a railway station in Hoeryŏng-si, North Hamgyŏng, North Korea, on the Hambuk Line of the Korean State Railway. It is also the starting point of the 10.6-km-long freight-only Hoeryŏng Colliery Line to Yusŏn-dong, Hoeryŏng-si.[1]

Hoeryŏng Ch'ŏngnyŏn

巡道工出品 photo by Xundaogong——会宁市区和会宁火车站 Hoeryŏng-si and Hoeryŏng railway station - panoramio.jpg
Hoeryŏng Ch'ŏngnyŏn station
Korean name
Revised RomanizationHoeryeong Cheongnyeon-yeok
McCune–ReischauerHoeryŏng Ch'ŏngnyŏn-yŏk
General information
LocationHoeryŏng, North Hamgyŏng
North Korea
Coordinates42°26′42″N 129°44′33″E / 42.4449°N 129.7425°E / 42.4449; 129.7425Coordinates: 42°26′42″N 129°44′33″E / 42.4449°N 129.7425°E / 42.4449; 129.7425
Owned byKorean State Railway
Opened25 November 1917
Previous namesHoeryŏng
Original companyChosen Government Railway
Preceding station   Korean State Railway   Following station
toward Rajin
Hambuk Line
toward Yusŏn
Hoeryŏng Colliery LineTerminus

There are locomotive servicing facilities at this station.[2]


Originally called Hoeryŏng station, it was opened on 25 November 1917 together with the rest of the P'ungsan-Hoeryŏng section of the former Hamgyŏng Line.[3] It received its current name after the establishment of the DPRK.



Trains carrying coal from mines on the Hoeryŏng Colliery Line to the Kim Chaek Iron & Steel Complex at Kimchaek and the Ch'ŏngjin Steel Works in Ch'ŏngjin run regularly through this station.[2]


A number of passenger trains serve Hoeryŏng Ch'ŏngnyŏn station, including the semi-express trains 113/114, operating between West P'yŏngyang and Unsŏng via Ch'ŏngjin and Hoeryŏng.[1] There are also long-distance trains Kalma-Ch'ŏngjin-Hoeryŏng-Rajin; Ch'ŏngjin-Hoeryŏng-Rajin; Haeju-Ch'ŏngjin-Hoeryŏng-Unsŏng; and Tanch'ŏnCh'ŏngjin-Hoeryŏng-Tumangang. There is also a commuter service operated between Hoeryŏng and Sech'ŏn via Sinhakp'o.[2]


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