Hodson baronets

The Hodson Baronetcy, of Holybrooke House in the County of Wicklow, is a title in the Baronetage of Ireland. It was created on 28 August 1789 for Robert Hodson.[1] He was a descendant of Reverend John Hodson, Dean of Clogher and Bishop of Elphin, the member of a family that had long been settled at Houghton, Staffordshire, England and was High Sheriff of Westmeath (1776), Wicklow (1786) and Cavan (1791).

Hodson baronets, of Holybrooke House (1789)Edit

  • Sir Robert Hodson, 1st Baronet (1747–1809)
  • Sir Robert Arair Hodson, 2nd Baronet (1802–1831)
  • Sir George Frederick John Hodson, 3rd Baronet (1806–1888)
  • Sir Robert Adair Hodson, 4th Baronet (1853–1921), succeeding his father
  • Sir Edmond Adair Hodson, 5th Baronet (1893–1972), succeeding his uncle
  • Sir Michael Robin Adderley Hodson, 6th Baronet (1932–2022)
  • Sir Patrick Richard Hodson, 7th Baronet (born 1934)

The heir apparent is the current holder's son, Mark Adair Hodson (born 1964)


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