Hitit Computer Services

Hitit Computer Services is a private company that sells commercial IT systems for the travel industry. Its headquarters is in the ITU Arı Technopolis science park on the campus of Istanbul Technical University.

Hitit Computer Services
IndustryTravel technology
Founded199 4
HeadquartersIstanbul, Turkey
Key people
Nur Gokman (Chief Executive Officer), Dilek Ovacik (Chief Financial Officer), Ayse Erinc (Chief Strategy Officer), Aysu Demirtel (Chief Operations Officer), Mert Gulcur (Head Of Technology and Delivery)
ServicesPassenger Service Systems; Commercial IT systems for the travel industry

Hitit was established as an IT company by executives from Turkish Airlines in 1994.[1] The first program sold by the company was Crane FF which became the most common loyalty management system, by number of airline users.[2] Hitit introduced its new generation airline reservations system in 2004. The company opened an office in Dubai due to an increasing number of airline customers in the Middle East. Hitit is one of Turkey’s biggest software exporters: with 83% of its customerbase being overseas and 92% of its revenues coming from exports, it became the 3rd largest service exporter of 2011.[3][4]

The company had two divisions until 8 April 2014 when the Loyalty Division of Hitit was acquired by the Amadeus IT Group.[5] The Airline Division of Hitit remains independent and continues to sell software to airlines and travel companies from Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.[6] The company was in Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 EMEA list in 2013,[7] and it is also an International Air Transport Association Strategic Partner.[8] Today, the company sells products covering a range from passenger service systems to financial, operational and loyalty management systems.[9][10] Recently, Pakistan International Airlines (PIAC) has acquired the services provided by HITIT.

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