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History of religions school

The history of religions school[1] (German Religionsgeschichtliche Schule) is a term applied to a group of German Protestant theologians associated with the University of Göttingen in the 1890s.

The circle included Bernhard Duhm (1873), Albert Eichhorn (1856–1926; 1886), Hermann Gunkel (1888), Johannes Weiss (1888), Wilhelm Bousset (1890), Alfred Rahlfs (1891), Ernst Troeltsch (1891), William Wrede (1891), Heinrich Hackmann (1893) and later Rudolf Otto (1898), Hugo Gressmann (1902) and Wilhelm Heitmüller (1902). Related were Carl Mirbt (1888), Carl Clemen (1892), Heinrich Weinel (1899) and in his early years Paul Wernle (1897).

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  1. ^ William Baird, History of New Testament Research: From Jonathan Edwards to Rudolf Bultmann, Minneapolis: Ausgburg Fortress, p. 222: "HISTORY OF RELIGION AND RELATED METHODS. A new approach to the study of the NT was advanced by the "history of religions" school (religionsgeschichtliche Schule)". Actually, it was a school without a teacher and without pupils "

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