Historic Synagogue Justo Sierra 71

The Historic Synagogue Justo Sierra 71 or Synaguoge Nidjei Israel is an old Ashkenazi synagogue in Mexico City.[1] The building serves both as a synagogue and cultural center of the Jewish community in the historic center of Mexico City (Spanish: Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México). It was constructed in 1941.[2]

The historical synagogue at Justo Sierra 71 (Templo Nidjei Israel), Mexico City
Interior of the Synagogue located in the Historic Center of Mexico City.


This religious site was built for Orthodox Jewish immigrants from Poland, Russia, and Lithuania in La Merced neighborhood. It was the second Ashkenazi synagogue in Mexico City.


The architect Raquel Franklin claims that the building's Torah ark was influenced in its design by that of the synagogue of Shavel (Šiauliai) in Lithuania.

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