Historia Plantarum

Historia Plantarum (Latin: History of/Treatise on Plants) has been used as all or part of the name of several books, which include:

  • Historia Plantarum (Theophrastus) (also called Enquiry into Plants), a book on plants by Theophrastus, written between c. 350 BC and c. 287 BC
  • Historia Plantarum (Gessner) (also called Conradi Gesneri Historia Plantarum), a book on plants by Conrad Gessner, written between 1555 and 1565, published in 1750
  • Historia Generalis Plantarum (Daléchamps), 1586
  • Historia Plantarum Universalis Oxoniensis, unfinished work by Robert Morison, first volume published in 1680, second volume completed by Jacob Bobart the Younger and published in 1699
  • Historia Plantarum (Ray), a book by John Ray, published in 1686
  • Historia Plantarum Rariorum (A History of Rare Plants), a book by John Martyn, published in 1728–1737
  • Historia Plantarum in Palatinatu Electorali, a book by Johan Adam Pollich, published in 1776–1777
  • Nomenclator ex Historia Plantarum Indigenarum Helvetiae Excerptus Auctore by Albrecht von Haller, an index (nomenclator) to his book Historia Stirpium Indigenarum Helvetiae Inchoata, published in 1768