Hisae Watanabe (渡辺 久江, Watanabe Hisae, born October 21, 1980) is a Japanese female mixed martial artist and kickboxer.

Hisae Watanabe
Born (1980-10-21) October 21, 1980 (age 39)
Kanuma, Tochigi, Japan
Height5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Weight106 lb (48 kg; 7.6 st)
Fighting out ofKanuma, Tochigi, Japan
TeamBlue Dog Gym
Mixed martial arts record
By knockout11
By submission3
By decision5
By submission3
By decision2
By disqualification1
Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog

She stands out with her distinctive two-piece leopard-print outfit and matching hair, which was formerly auburn or red but is now blond. She is a former DEEP Women's Lightweight (106 lbs) Champion and currently holds an MMA record of 19-6-0.

Watanabe is featured in the martial arts-themed movie High Kick Girl! which was filmed with real fighting scenes and did not use any stunt actors. It was released in select countries in May 2010.[1]

Mixed martial arts careerEdit

Following a successful career in kickboxing, Watanabe debuted in mixed martial arts on April 7, 2002 at Smackgirl: "Royal Smack 2002" but was disqualified after an illegal kick. She won four of her next five fights before losing to Satoko Shinashi in the Grand Final of the 2002 Smackgirl Japan Cup.

Watanabe then won nine straight fights, including two in Pancrase, and became the 2004 Golden Muscle Strongest Queen Tournament Champion.

On August 4, 2006, Watanabe knocked out the previously undefeated Shinashi with a hard punch to the chin in a rematch to capture the DEEP Women's Lightweight Championship.[2] Shinashi suffered a broken jaw and a cheekbone fracture from the punch and a big cut from her face hitting the canvas. She retains a permanent bruise on her left cheek from Watanabe's knockout punch. Watanabe was defeated by Seo Hee Ham in a non-title bout at DEEP: 28th Impact on February 16, 2007.[3]

Watanabe submitted Masako Yoshida on April 13, 2007,[4] but lost the DEEP Women's Lightweight Championship to Miku Matsumoto at DEEP: 31st Impact on August 5, 2007.[5]

Following a December 2007 victory over Genkaam Lookjuapoakum at DEEP: 33rd Impact,[6] Watanabe announced her retirement from mixed martial arts.[7]

More than one year later, she competed in an exhibition match against Megumi Fujii at Shoot Boxing Girls Tournament 2009 and announced her intentions to return to MMA at Jewels 6th Ring in December. However, a broken foot suffered in training prevented her from competing.[8]

Watanabe was then expected to make her return to MMA at Jewels 11th Ring on December 17, 2010.[9] However, she did not compete on the card.

Watanabe made her Jewels debut in an exhibition match against Naoko Omuro at Jewels: 22nd Ring on December 15, 2012.[10] The exhibition ended when Omuro trapped Watanabe in an armbar late in round one.[11]

Shoot boxing careerEdit

Watanabe was set to compete in a shoot boxing match against 2009 Girls S-Cup Champion Rena Kubota on April 11, 2010.[1] Kubota suffered a broken finger while training and the fight with Watanabe was postponed. Watanabe instead faced karate champion Megumi Igawa and defeated Igawa by TKO in the third round.[12]

She competed again in shoot boxing against Sumie Yamada in a rematch on June 6, 2010. Watanabe had previously knocked out Yamada in a November 2002 mixed martial arts bout.[13] She defeated Yamada by unanimous decision.[14]

Watanabe entered the 2010 Girls S-Cup on August 29, 2010. She faced Rena Kubota in the opening round of the tournament and was defeated by TKO in round two.[15]

Return to kickboxingEdit

On July 19, 2010, Watanabe faced Little Tiger for the WPMF Japan Women's Mini Flyweight Championship at REBELS 3. The five-round fight ended in a Split Draw with scores of 50-49, 49-49 and 48-49.[16]

Personal lifeEdit

Watanabe is married to Japanese comic book artist SP Nakatema and has one child.[1] She originates from Tochigi Prefecture but now lives in Tokyo where she trains at the Blue Dog Gym.

Mixed martial arts recordEdit

Professional record breakdown
25 matches 19 wins 6 losses
By knockout 11 0
By submission 3 3
By decision 5 2
By disqualification 0 1
Res. Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Win 19-6 Genkaam Lookjuapoakum Submission (armbar) Deep: 33 Impact December 12, 2007 1 1:54 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 18-6 Miku Matsumoto Decision (majority) Deep: 31 Impact August 5, 2007 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan Lost Deep Women's Lightweight Title
Win 18-5 Masako Yoshida Submission (armbar) Deep: 29 Impact April 13, 2007 2 1:19 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 17-5 Seo Hee Ham Decision (unanimous) Deep: 28 Impact February 16, 2007 2 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win 17-4 Satoko Shinashi KO (punch) Deep: 25 Impact August 4, 2006 1 3:54 Tokyo, Japan Won Deep Women's Lightweight Title
Win 16-4 Eri Takahashi KO (punch) Smackgirl: Advent of Goddess February 15, 2006 2 0:31 Tokyo, Japan
Win 15-4 Yasuko Mogi TKO (punches) Smackgirl: Lightweight Anniversary November 29, 2005 1 4:03 Tokyo, Japan
Win 14-4 Maiko Takahashi Decision (unanimous) Smackgirl: Dynamic!! August 17, 2005 2 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 13-4 Yuka Tsuji Submission (armbar) Smackgirl: Road to Dynamic!! June 28, 2005 1 3:51 Tokyo, Japan
Win 13-3 Naoko Ohmuro Decision (unanimous) Pancrase: Spiral 2 March 6, 2005 5 3:00 Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Win 12-3 Hisako Watanabe KO (punch) Pancrase: Brave 12 December 21, 2004 2 1:07 Tokyo, Japan
Win 11-3 Mari Kaneko Decision (unanimous) Golden Muscle: Strongest Queen Tournament May 7, 2004 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan Won Strongest Queen Tournament
Win 10-3 Hisako Hoshino Submission (armbar) Golden Muscle: Strongest Queen Tournament May 7, 2004 1 2:07 Tokyo, Japan
Win 9-3 Maki Sakai KO (head kick and punch) Golden Muscle: Strongest Queen Tournament May 7, 2004 1 1:07 Tokyo, Japan
Win 8-3 Caroline Hoeberchts KO (punch) Smackgirl: Third Season 6 August 6, 2003 2 2:28 Tokyo, Japan
Win 7-3 Betta Yeung KO (flying knee and punches) Smackgirl: Third Season 4 June 4, 2003 1 2:33 Tokyo, Japan
Win 6-3 Keiko Matsukawa KO (punch) Smackgirl: Third Season 3 May 7, 2003 1 3:05 Tokyo, Japan
Win 5-3 Maiko Ohkada Decision (unanimous) Smackgirl: Third Season 2 April 2, 2003 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 4-3 Satoko Shinashi Submission (heel hook) Smackgirl: Japan Cup 2002 Grand Final December 29, 2002 2 0:34 Tokyo, Japan
Win 4-2 Sumie Yamada KO (punch) Smackgirl: Japan Cup 2002 Episode 2 November 9, 2002 1 1:31 Tokyo, Japan
Win 3-2 Masae Kita TKO (punches) Smackgirl: Japan Cup 2002 Opening Round October 5, 2002 2 0:32 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 2-2 Mari Kaneko Submission (armbar) Smackgirl: Summer Gate 2002 August 4, 2002 2 3:54 Tokyo, Japan
Win 2-1 Eika Muto TKO (punches) Smackgirl: Smack Legend 2002 June 1, 2002 1 1:47 Tokyo, Japan
Win 1-1 Naoko Ohmuro Decision (unanimous) Smackgirl: Golden Gate 2002 May 6, 2002 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 0-1 Maiko Ohkada DQ (illegal kick) Smackgirl: Royal Smack 2002 April 7, 2002 1 2:12 Tokyo, Japan


  • 2004 Golden Muscle Strongest Queen Tournament Champion
  • Former DEEP Women's Lightweight (106 lbs) Champion

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