His Hand in Mine

His Hand in Mine is the fifth studio album by American singer and musician Elvis Presley, released on RCA Victor Records in mono and stereo, LPM/LSP 2328, in November 1960. It was the first of three gospel music albums that Presley would issue during his lifetime. Recording sessions took place on October 30 and 31, 1960, at RCA Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee. It peaked at #13 on the Top Pop Albums chart. It was certified Gold on April 9, 1969 and Platinum on March 27, 1992 by the Recording Industry Association of America.[6]

His Hand in Mine
Studio album by
ReleasedNovember 23, 1960
RecordedOctober 30 and 31, 1960
LabelRCA Victor
ProducerSteve Sholes
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His Hand in Mine
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Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4.5/5 stars[1]
Christgau's Record GuideC[2]
MusicHound4/5 stars[3]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide5/5 stars[4]
Rough Guides3/5 stars[5]


Presley had a lifelong, fundamental love of church music, and often used it to rehearse and loosen up before concerts and at the beginning of recording sessions.[7] Presley had earlier devoted an extended play single, Peace in the Valley, to his love for gospel songs, and was eager to record a full album of this music. This fit well with the plans of Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, to steer his client into a family-friendly image as he switched Presley's career concentration toward movie stardom in Hollywood.[8]


All the selections for His Hand In Mine were completed in one fourteen-hour session. The songs "Surrender" and "Crying in the Chapel" were recorded during the session, but withheld for issue as singles. "Surrender" would be his first single of 1961 and top the chart, but "Crying in the Chapel" would wait until April 1965 to be issued, going to #3 on the chart. The song "In My Father's House" was arranged and adapted by Elvis Presley which was published by Elvis Presley Music.

Presley later re-recorded "Swing Down Sweet Chariot" (not to be confused with the popular "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot") for the soundtrack of his 1969 film, The Trouble with Girls.[9]


In 1976, RCA reissued the album in its lower priced "Pure Gold" series, with new cover art under a new catalogue number, ANL1-1319. This reissue contains the same tracks as the original release.[10] RCA first reissued the original 12 track album on compact disc in 1990, utilizing the revised cover art from the "Pure Gold" series LP reissue.

On March 11, 2008, RCA issued a remastered version of this album on CD, adding as bonus tracks the four songs which had originally appeared on that 1957 EP single Peace in the Valley, its contents later incorporated into Elvis' Christmas Album. The Presley fan-club label Follow That Dream issued an extended two-disc version the same year.


Track listingEdit

Original releaseEdit

Side one
No.TitleWriter(s)Recording dateLength
1."His Hand in Mine"Mosie ListerOctober 30, 19603:15
2."I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs"Cully HoltOctober 31, 19601:50
3."In My Father's House"Aileene Hanks (Arranged and adapted by Elvis Presley)October 31, 19602:03
4."Milky White Way"Landers Coleman (Arranged and adapted by Elvis Presley)October 30, 19602:12
5."Known Only to Him"Stuart HamblenOctober 31, 19602:07
6."I Believe in the Man in the Sky"Richard HowardOctober 30, 19602:11
Side two
No.TitleWriter(s)Recording dateLength
1."Joshua Fit the Battle"Traditional (Arranged and adapted by Elvis Presley)October 31, 19602:39
2."Jesus Knows What I Need"Mosie ListerOctober 30, 19602:12
3."Swing Down Sweet Chariot"Traditional (Arranged and adapted by Elvis Presley)October 31, 19602:32
4."Mansion Over the Hilltop"Ira StanphillOctober 31, 19602:55
5."If We Never Meet Again"Albert E. BrumleyOctober 31, 19601:58
6."Working on the Building"Winifred O. Hoyle, Lillian BowlesOctober 31, 19601:52

2008 reissue bonus tracksEdit

Tracks 1-12 consist of the original album's content. The following bonus tracks were original issued on the Peace in the Valley EP:
No.TitleWriter(s)Recording dateLength
13."(There'll Be) Peace in the Valley (For Me)"Thomas A. DorseyJanuary 13, 19573:22
14."It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)"Stuart HamblenJanuary 19, 19573:53
15."I Believe"Ervin Drake, Irvin Graham, Jimmy Shirl, Al StillmanJanuary 12, 19572:05
16."Take My Hand, Precious Lord"Thomas A. DorseyJanuary 13, 19573:16

2008 Follow That Dream reissueEdit

The album
1."His Hand in Mine" (Mosie Lister)3:17
2."I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs" (Cully Holt)1:52
3."In My Father's House (Are Many Mansions)"2:06
4."Milky White Way" (Arranged and adapted by Elvis Presley)2:15
5."Known Only to Him" (Stuart Hamblen)2:09
6."I Believe in the Man in the Sky" (Richard Howard)2:14
7."Joshua Fit the Battle" (Arranged and adapted by Elvis Presley)2:40
8."Jesus Knows What I Need" (Mosie Lister)2:13
9."Swing Down Sweet Chariot" (Arranged and adapted by Elvis Presley)2:33
10."Mansion over the Hilltop" (Ira Stamphill)2:57
11."If We Never Meet Again" (Albert E. Brumley)1:59
12."Working on the Building" (W.O. Hoyle/Lillian Bowles)1:54
The singles
13."Surrender" (Doc Pomus/Mort Shuman)1:55
14."Crying in the Chapel" (Artie Glenn)2:27

First takes
15."His Hand in Mine" (take 1)3:41
16."I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs" (take 1)1:59
17."Milky White Way" (takes 1*, 2*, 3)3:05
18."Known Only to Him" (takes 1, 2)2:26
19."I Believe in the Man in the Sky" (take 1)2:27
20."Joshua Fit the Battle" (take 1)2:52
21."He Knows Just What I Need" (take 1)2:02
22."Mansion over the Hilltop" (takes 2*, 1)4:04
23."If We Never Meet Again" (take 1)2:02
24."Working on the Building" (take 1)2:01
25."Surrender" (take 1)2:01
Disc 2
Session outtakes
1."Milky White Way" (takes 4, 6*, 5)3:27
2."His Hand in Mine" (takes 2*, 3*)2:05
3."His Hand in Mine" (takes 4)3:39
4."His Hand in Mine" (take 5)3:23
5."I Believe in the Man in the Sky" (takes 2*, 3*, 4)4:02
6."He Knows Just What I Need" (takes 2*, 3*, 4*)3:46
7."He Knows Just What I Need" (takes 5*, 6, 7)3:43
8."He Knows Just What I Need" (take 8*)2:20
9."Surrender" (take 2)2:00
10."Surrender" (takes 3*, 5, 6)3:33
11."Surrender" (take 7*)1:46
12."Surrender" (takes 8*, 9)2:38
13."Surrender" (WP takes 2/1*, 3*, 4*, 5*, 6*, 7*)4:32
14."In My Father's House (Are Many Mansions)" (takes 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*)3:07
15."In My Father's House (Are Many Mansions)" (takes 5*, 6*)1:47
16."In My Father's House (Are Many Mansions)" (take 7)2:19
17."Joshua Fit the Battle" (take 2)2:56
18."Joshua Fit the Battle" (take 3*)2:00
19."Swing Down Sweet Chariot" (take 1*)2:48
20."Swing Down Sweet Chariot" (takes 2, 3)2:58
21."I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs" (takes 2, 3)2:34
22."I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs" (take 4*)2:12
23."I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs" (take 5)2:05
24."Known Only to Him" (takes 3*, 4*, 5)3:46
25."Crying in the Chapel" (take 1*)1:35
26."Crying in the Chapel" (takes 2, 3-M)3:16
27."Working on the Building" (take 2*)2:17
28."Working on the Building" (takes 3*, 4)2:26
* previously unissued


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