Hirtshals Municipality

Hirtshals Municipality was a municipality (Danish: kommune) in Denmark. It was located on the west and north coast of the Jutland peninsula and belonged to North Jutland County. It was abolished effective 1 January 2007. The municipal seat was located in the town of Hirtshals. Its last mayor was Knud Størup (independent).


The municipality covered an area of 196 km2 (76 sq mi), and had a total population of 14,088 (2005). Besides Hirtshals, it covered the villages Tornby, Vidstrup, Asdal, Tuen, Bindslev, Tversted, Emmersbæk, Lilleheden and Horne.


Hirtshals municipality ceased to exist due to Kommunalreformen ("The Municipality Reform" of 2007). It was merged with existing Hjørring, Løkken-Vrå, and Sindal municipalities to form an enlarged Hjørring municipality. This created a municipality with an area of 92 km2 (36 sq mi) and a total population of ca. 67,816.

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Coordinates: 57°35′18″N 9°58′01″E / 57.58833°N 9.96694°E / 57.58833; 9.96694