Hiroshima (Mazda factory)

Coordinates: 34°22′40.36″N 132°30′13.99″E / 34.3778778°N 132.5038861°E / 34.3778778; 132.5038861

Hiroshima Plant is an automobile manufacturing complex in Aki, Minami, Hiroshima, Japan, operated by Mazda Motor Corporation. The complex consists of two main elements, the head office in Aki District, and the main plant in nearby Ujina District. It was Mazda's only car-assembly plant in Japan until the Hofu Plant opened in 1982. Mazda's own museum is situated within the plant, showcasing some of Mazda's historic cars and their present and future models.[1]

Head officeEdit

The head office opened March 1931 and continues to serve as a site for piston engine and transmission production. The facility is 55.1 hectares (136 acres) in size.

Plant complexEdit

The plant complex includes Plants I and II (officially "U1" and "U2" for their Ujina location). The total complex (including the head office and a nearby port) is 1.69 km2 (420 acres) in size.

Ujina 1 opened in November 1966.

Ujina 2's engine plant opened in December 1964, with the current automobile assembly plant opening in December 1972.

Current vehiclesEdit

Ujina 1Edit

Ujina 2Edit

  • Mazda CX-5 (2012–present)
  • Mazda CX-8 (2017–present)

Past vehiclesEdit


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