Hiroshi Miyauchi (宮内 洋, Miyauchi Hiroshi, June 14, 1947) is a prolific Japanese actor[1] from Chiba Prefecture. He is best known for playing some of the most memorable roles in Tokusatsu history, such as Akira Shinmei/Aoranger in Himitsu Sentai Goranger, Soukichi Banba/Big One in the Sentai series JAKQ Dengekitai, Chief Councillor Naoyuki Miura in Chōriki Sentai Ohranger, Kazami Shiro in Kamen Rider V3 and Ken Hayakawa in Kaiketsu Zubat. Miyauchi reprises his role of Big One in the movie Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, in which he was one of the five past Sentai heroes to come to the Gaoranger team's aid and train them to become stronger fighters, and in Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, in which he, now underpowered, lends the power of JAKQ to the Gokaigers so they can continue to fight off the Zangyack. He was also the voice of SkekSil, the Skeksis Chamberlain, in the Japanese dub of Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal.






Although they have the name pronounced in the same way, the actor Hiroshi Miyauchi (宮内 洋) isn't the videogame musician Hiroshi Miyauchi (宮内博史), from Sega SST Band.


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