Hinoi Team

Hinoi Team (Hinoi チーム, Hinoi Chīmu) was a Japanese female pop group formed around Asuka Hinoi with supporting members Keika Matsuoka, Hikaru Koyama, and Rina Takenaka. Most of their releases are covers of Eurobeat songs.

Hinoi Team
OriginOsaka, Kobe and Kyoto, Japan
Years active2005–2007
LabelsAvex Trax
WebsiteOfficial website
Past membersAsuka Hinoi
Keika Matsuoka
Hikaru Koyama
Rina Takenaka


Ike IkeEdit

The Hinoi team's debut "Ike Ike" (meaning "Go, Go") went on sale on May 18, 2005 in Japan. The song was written by Italian producers Claudio Accatino, Federico Rimonti[1] and Roberto Festari, and originally performed by Tri-Star,[2] but the Hinoi team's version had new (Japanese) lyrics written by Kenko-P. Its rhythms were derived from the song "We Like to Party" by the Dutch Eurodance pop group Vengaboys.[3] The Hinoi Team single also features the song "Sing Na Na Na" as well as an extended version of "Ike Ike" and instrumental versions for both songs. The DVD has a promotional video, a Para Para video and video out-takes. Hinoi Team's "Ike Ike" was also used as the closing theme for the anime Ichigo 100%[4] and for the Chukyo TV show Sarudie during the month of April.

King KongEdit

Hinoi Team's second single went on sale on July 27, 2005. The single was packaged with the song "Super Euro Flash" as well as a New Generation remix of "Ike Ike" and a Eurobeat version of "King Kong," as well as a TV remix of both "King Kong" and "Super Euro Flash." The DVD has a promotional video, Para Para video for "King Kong," a Koriki version of "Ike Ike" and out-takes.

Night of Fire/Play with the NumbersEdit

The group's third single featured Japanese wrestler and comedian Korikki Chōshū and went on sale on December 14, 2005. The single also featured the song "Yeah!", "Korikki maji" & "Hinoi Team" versions of "Night of Fire" by Bratt Sinclaire and instrumental versions of all three songs. The DVD version has a promotional video for "Night of Fire", Para Para versions of "Night of Fire" and "Play with the Numbers" and out-takes.

Sticky Tricky and BangEdit

Hinoi Team's fourth single included Koriki again and was released on March 8, 2006. The single features the title song ("Sticky Tricky and Bang"), "On My Own" (a special version which is a preview of the album version coming the next week), a remix of "Night of Fire," an alternate version of "Sticky Tricky and Bang," and instrumentals.

DVD features:

  1. Sticky Tricky and Bang (PV)
  2. Sticky Tricky and Bang (Para Para Version)
  3. Offshoot

Super Euro PartyEdit

Hinoi Team's first full-length album was released on March 15, 2006, a week after the release of their single "Sticky Tricky and Bang." The album features all of the group's non-instrumental tracks from their singles excluding Hinoi Team versions and Korikki versions. The album also features six new songs and a megamix (only first press version of album). The DVD offered with the CD+DVD version packaged together all of the material from DVDs that originally came with each single.

Track listing:

  1. Ike Ike
  2. Night of Fire (with Korikki)
  3. YEAH!
  4. Hey Mr. DJ (New song)
  5. Sing Na Na Na
  6. Play with the Numbers
  7. Super Euro Flash
  8. Everybody Dance (New song)
  9. Emoticons (New song)
  10. Sticky Tricky and Bang (with Korikki)
  11. Jam Jam Jam (New song)
  12. On My Own (Album Version)
  13. Aishiteru (New song; Hinoi Team original)
  14. Just for Me (New song)
  15. King Kong
  16. Hinoi team Megamix Vol.1 (Long Version) (First press only, CD-only version)
  17. Hinoi team Megamix Vol.1 (First press only, CD+DVD version as track 16)

DVD features:

  1. Ike Ike (Video Clip)
  2. King Kong (Video Clip)
  3. Night of Fire (Video Clip)
  4. Sticky Tricky and Bang (Video Clip)
  5. Ike Ike (Parapara Version)
  6. King Kong (Parapara Version)
  7. Night of Fire (Parapara Version)
  8. Play with the Numbers (Parapara Version)
  9. Sing Na Na Na (Parapara Version)
  10. Super Euro Flash (Parapara Version)
  11. YEAH! (Parapara Version)
  12. Ike Ike (Koriki Version)
  13. Offshoot

Now and ForeverEdit

Released on August 9, 2006, Hinoi Team's fifth single offered another round of covers of Eurobeat songs. As with the others, the single can be purchased with or without the DVD.

Track listing:

  1. Now and Forever
  2. Summertime
  3. I'm Gonna Carry On
  4. Now and Forever (Instrumental)
  5. Summertime (Instrumental)
  6. I'm Gonna Carry On (Instrumental)

DVD features:

  1. Now and Forever (PV)
  2. Now and Forever (Dance Version)
  3. Offshoot

Dancin' & Dreamin'Edit

The group's sixth single was released on February 7, 2007. A trance remix of the title song is only available on the CD-only version of the single.

Track listing:

Tracks for CD only version and CD+DVD versions.
  1. Dancin' & Dreamin'
  2. Please Forgive Me
  3. Merry X'mas To The World
  4. Dancin' & Dreamin' (Trance Remix) (Not included in the CD+DVD version)
  5. Dancin' & Dreamin' (Instrumental) (Listed as track 4 on the CD+DVD version)
  6. Please Forgive Me (Instrumental) (Listed as track 5 on the CD+DVD version)
  7. Merry X'mas To The World (Instrumental) (Listed as track 6 on the CD+DVD version)

DVD features:

  1. Dancin' & Dreamin' (promotional video)
  2. Dancin' & Dreamin' (Dance Version)
  3. Offshoot


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