Hind Rassam Culhane

Professor Hind Rassam Culhane (born in Mosul, Iraq)[1] was born to an Iraqi Assyrian father, a lawyer and a Lebanese mother, Sophie Bekhaazi who was a teacher.[1] She and her family later moved to the United States and she studied at Cazenovia College in New York and later on at Rockford College in Illinois where she gained a bachelor's degree and master's degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education. She then met her husband there, John Culhane who was a journalist working at the Rockford newspaper, in which they have two children together, Michael and Thomas. She later moved to New York City with her husband when he was hired by Newsweek magazine. She later became a professor at Mercy College and began her doctorate at Teachers College at Columbia University.[1] She often gives lectures on Iraq's history and civilization as a way of embracing her culture and heritage. She is the chair of the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Mercy College, New York.[1] She was also a popular teacher at the Faculty of Medicine of Damascus University in Syria, where she taught courses on child development, adolescent disorders and health service delivery.[2]


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