Western Pahari

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The Western Pahari or Himachali languages (Devanagri: पश्चिमी पहाड़ी, हिमाचली) are a range of languages and dialects spoken in the western parts of the Himalayan range, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. These are not to be confused with the Pahari language spoken further west in Kashmir.

Western Pahari
India (Himachal Pradesh)
Linguistic classificationIndo-European
ISO 639-2 / 5him
"Pahadi" written in Takri script


Some Western Pahari languages, notably Dogri and Kangri, are tonal, like their close relative Panjabi but unlike most other Indic languages, Dogri has been an official language in India since 2003.

These languages are a dialect chain, and neighbouring varieties may be mutually intelligible.

Some Western Pahari languages have occasionally been regarded as dialects of either Hindustani[3] or Punjabi.[citation needed]


Before the independence of India, many dialects of Himachali languages in Himachal Pradesh used to be written in the Takri script.[4] there have been sporadic attempts to revive the script in Himachal Pradesh. Since it fell into disuse after independence, many efforts have been made to revive the Takri script for Himachali language.[5]


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