Hillier, South Australia

Hillier is a northern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. It is located in the Town of Gawler.

AdelaideSouth Australia
Hillier is located in South Australia
CoordinatesCoordinates: 34°37′30″S 138°41′46″E / 34.625°S 138.696°E / -34.625; 138.696
Population674 (2006 census)[1]
721 (2001 Census)[2]
Location35 km (22 mi) N of Adelaide city centre[3]
State electorate(s)Light (2011)[4]
Federal Division(s)Spence
Suburbs around Hillier:
Gawler River Buchfelde Evanston
Angle Vale Hillier Evanston
Munno Para Downs Kudla Evanston Gardens


Hillier is a western suburb of the Gawler local government area. It is primarily bounded by Angle Vale Road, Wingate Road, the Sturt Highway and the Gawler River.[5]


The 2006 Census by the Australian Bureau of Statistics counted 674 persons in Hillier on census night. Of these, 50% were male and 50% were female.[1]

The majority of residents (55.8%) are of Australian birth, with other common census responses being England (31.8%), Scotland (2.1%) and Italy (2.1%).[1]

The age distribution of Hillier residents is skewed higher than the greater Australian population. 86.7% of residents were over 25 years in 2006, compared to the Australian average of 66.5%; and 13.3% were younger than 25 years, compared to the Australian average of 33.5%.[1]


Local newspapers include the News Review Messenger and The Bunyip. Other regional and national newspapers such as The Plains Producer, The Advertiser and The Australian are also available.[6]

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Hillier Park caravan park is located on Hillier Road.[5]


Murray Hillier Reserve is located between Clifford Road and the Gawler River.[5]



Hillier is serviced by Angle Vale Road.[5]

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