Hilary Priestley

Hilary Ann Priestley is a British mathematician. She is a professor at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of St Anne's College, Oxford, where she has been Tutor in Mathematics since 1972.[2]

Hilary Ann Priestley
Alma materUniversity of Oxford
Scientific career
FieldsLattice theory, universal algebra, mathematical logic
InstitutionsUniversity of Oxford
ThesisTopics in Ordered Topological Spaces, Including a Representation Theory for Distributive Lattices[1] (1970)
Doctoral advisorDavid Edwards[1]

Hilary Priestley introduced ordered separable topological spaces; such topological spaces are now usually called Priestley spaces in her honour.[3] The term "Priestley duality" is also used for her application of these spaces in the representation theory of distributive lattices.[4]


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