Hijos del Monte

Hijos Del Monte (translated: Del Monte Sons) was a Chilean telenovela produced by TVN. It was written by Víctor Carrasco and directed by María Eugenia Rencoret. Filming began on Wednesday June 18, and took place in the Santiago neighborhoods of Padre Hurtado and Isla de Maipo, beside the TVN studios.

Hijos del Monte
Hijos del Monte (2008-2009).jpg
Title card
Created byVíctor Carrasco
Developed byTVN
Directed byMaría Eugenia Rencoret
Víctor Huerta
Camilo Sánchez
StarringMaría Elena Swett
Jorge Zabaleta
Francisco Pérez-Bannen
Mónica Godoy
Cristián Arriagada
Matías Oviedo
Andrés Reyes
Country of originChile
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes131
ProducersVania Portilla
Patricia Encina
Production locationSantiago de Chile
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time23-25 minutes
Original networkTVN
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Audio formatStereophonic sound
Original releaseSeptember 2, 2008 (2008-09-02) –
March 10, 2009 (2009-03-10)
Preceded byViuda Alegre
Followed byLos Exitosos Pells
Related showsLos Herederos Del Monte

The soap competed with Lola on Canal 13 and Mala Conducta on Chilevisión.


The series begins with five brothers (from oldest to youngest): Juan, José, Pedro, Gaspar, and Lucas Del Monte. The five men were all adopted by Emilio Del Monte and his wife, Clarisa. Clarisa died from cancer a few years earlier and Emilio dies of a heart attack just before the series begins. The close-knit family live an easy-going life on their ranch. The Del Monte brothers' lives are changed abruptly with the arrival of their father's illegitimate daughter, Paula Del Monte. Emilio left a portion of his estate to Paula, who wants to claim what is rightfully hers.

Paula and her mother, Sofía Cañadas, immediately cause disharmony among the brothers. Juan is upset but respects his fathers wishes, José does not want to share their inheritance, Pedro does not trust either woman, Gaspar is furious over his father's affair, while Lucas is the only one who fully accepts Paula into the family. There is an instant attraction between Juan and Paula, despite the fact that Juan is engaged to Julieta Millan. While Julieta's heart belongs to Juan, she also has a connection with Pedro, who is madly in love with her. José has been having an affair with Beatriz Pereira, who is married to Efraín Mardones. It revealed that José is the father Beatriz's son, Simon. Gaspar is in love with Lupe Mardones, who he has to sneak around with since her father, Eleuterio, disapproves of their relationship. Lucas flirts with Julieta's sister, Rosario, but also develops feelings for Paula.

Juan moves up his wedding to Julieta after they find out she is pregnant. Paula begs Juan not to marry Julieta and they sleep together. Pedro shows Julieta footage of Paula and Juan sleeping together, but she still goes through with the wedding. Sadly, Julieta miscarries and she leaves Juan when she realizes he is in love with Paula. Julieta begins seeing Pedro and Juan begins seeing Paula, but there is tension between the quad. Eventually, Juan and Julieta reconcile.

Gustavo Valdés, the Del Monte family attorney, is in a plane crash and tells José just before he dies that he is actually Paula's father. Jose blackmails Sofía with this information, saying he will not tell Paula if he gets a portion of her inheritance.


Main CastEdit

Cast Character Description
Jorge Zabaleta Juan Del Monte One of five adopted sons of Emilio & Clarisa, in love with Paula & Julieta.
María Elena Swett Paula Del Monte Daughter of Gustavo & Sofía, in love with Juan, mother of his twin sons
Francisco Pérez-Bannen José Del Monte One of five adopted sons of Emilio & Clarisa, father of Simon, main antagonist.
Mónica Godoy Julieta Millan Daughter of Miguel & Blanca, in love with Juan & Pedro.
Cristián Arriagada Pedro Del Monte One of five adopted sons of Emilio and Clarisa, in love with Julieta.
Matías Oviedo Gaspar Del Monte One of five adopted sons of Emilio & Clarisa, in love with Lupe, the only brother to be closer to his mother than father
Andrés Reyes Lucas Del Monte One of five adopted sons of Emilio & Clarisa, in love with Rosario.
Coca Guazzini Sofía Cañadas Former mistress of Emilio, mother of Paula.
Jaime Vadell Miguel Millan Husband of Blanca, father of Julieta, Consuelo & Rosario.
Maricarmen Arrigorriaga Blanca Cifuentes Wife of Miguel, mother of Julieta, Consuelo & Rosario.
Fernanda Urrejola Beatriz Pereira Wife of Efraín, mother of Simon, in love with José.
Claudio Arredondo Efraín Mardones Son of Modesto, husband of Beatriz.
Celine Reymond / Begoña Basauri Guadalupe "Lupe" Mardones Daughter of Eleuterio, in love with Gaspar.
Fernando Farías Modesto Mardones Brother of Eleuterio, Father of Efraín, butler of Del Monte family.
Ana Reeves Berta Soto Maid of Millan family.
Edgardo Bruna Eleuterio Mardones Brother of Modesto, Father of Lupe.
Antonia Santa María Consuelo Millan Daughter of Miguel & Blanca, in love with Johnny.
Cristián Riquelme Johnny Delgado Works for Del Monte family, in love with Consuelo.
Juana Ringeling Rosario Millan Daughter of Miguel & Blanca, in love with Lucas.
Nicolás Poblete Amador Cereceda Works for Del Monte family, biological brother of Lucas.

Recurring CastEdit

  • Luis Alarcón as Emilio Del Monte- Husband of Clarisa, adoptive father of Juan, José, Pedro, Gaspar, & Lucas, alleged biological father of Paula, died from a heart attack.
  • Peggy Cordero as Clarisa Serrano- Wife of Emilio, adoptive mother of Juan, José, Pedro, Gaspar, & Lucas, died from cancer.
  • Patricio Strahovsky as Gustavo Valdés- Del Monte family attorney, biological father of Paula, dies in a plane crash.

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