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Highway 40 (Saudi Arabia)

Highway 40 (Route 80M) is Saudi Arabia's most significant east–west highway that runs from Highway 5 (Route 55M) near Jeddah to Highway 613 near Dammam. It links the major cities of Jeddah, Makkah, Riyadh and Dammam along its route. The 1,334 km highway runs through Riyadh along its route, where it intersects Highway 65 (Route 35M), another one of Saudi Arabia's major roads.

Highway 40 (Route 80M)
Major junctions
West endSaudi Arabia - Highway-5.svg Highway 5 in Jeddah
 Highway 95 in Al Khobar

Saudi Arabia - Highway-65.svg Highway 65 in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia - Highway-15.svg Highway 15 in Makkah

Highway 75 near Judah

Saudi Arabia - Highway-30.svg near Al Muzahimiyah

Highway 50 near Dhalim
East endHighway 613 (Dhahran-Jubail Expressway) near Dammam
Highway system
Transport in Saudi Arabia

Route DescriptionEdit

Jeddah to Makkah (43 km)Edit

Highway 40 begins at the intersection between Al Falah Branch Rd. and Highway 5 (Route 55M) near Jeddah. It then continues east (though it doesn't do so in a straight line, it bends and twists to pass through the mountainous terrain on the west coast of the country) for 43 km, when it reaches the Al Haram Boundary, marking the beginning/end of Makkah.

Makkah (39 km)Edit

Highway 40 then continues through Makkah for the next 39 km, intersecting the 4th Ring Rd. and 3rd Ring Rd. of Makkah. After the intersection with the 3rd Ring Rd., it passes close to the Haramain High-Speed Railway Station of Makkah, right after which it intersects with Abdullah Arif St., which redirects it northward towards Highway 290 (Al-Hujun St.). It then runs concurrently with Highway 290 eastward, intersecting Highway 15 (Route 45M). It then passes close to Jabal Al-Nour, before reaching the Haram Boundary on King Faisal Rd.

Makkah to Ta'if (89 km)Edit

Highway 40 the continues eastward for the next 84 km, passing through Al Ju'ranah, Al Sharai', Zemah, and Al Sayl, before reaching the northern part of the city of Ta'if, at the intersection with Highway 287 (Al Sail Rd.). It then turns south-east for the next 5 km, until the intersection with Highway 267, before turning back north-east towards Riyadh.

Ta'if to Riyadh (745 km)Edit

Highway 40 then continues north-east for 224 km, passing close to the Ta'if Regional Airport and through 'Ateef and Muwayh before it intersects Highway 50 at Dhalim. 59 km after this intersection, it exits the Makkah Province, entering Riyadh Province. It then continues for 462 km, passing through Halban, Tuhayy', Al Ruwaidah, Miz'al, Al Quway'iyah, Jilah, Al Muzahimiyah and Al Moqbel Palaces before reaching Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, at the intersection with Highway 500.

Riyadh (43 km)Edit

At the intersection with Highway 500, Highway 40 bends northward before turning back to the east at the intersection Highway 535 at Doha Square/Exit 1, after around 14 km. It then intersects Highway 537 (Al Takhassusi St.) before intersecting with Highway 65 (Route 35M) at Rabat Square/Exit 4. 8 km further, it intersects Highway 539 (Airport Rd.), which leads to Riyadh's King Khalid International Airport. Highway 40 intersects Highway 550 (Al Janadriyah Rd.), 20 km further, right before exiting Riyadh.

Riyadh to Dammam (375 km)Edit

Highway 40 then intersects Highway 522 (Khurais Rd.), 20 km after exiting Riyadh. 52 km further, it exits Riyadh Province and enters the Eastern Province (Ash Sharqiyyah). Highway 40 intersects with Highway 522 once again, a further 10 km from the border between the provinces. 161 km further, it intersects with Highway 30 (Route /M) near Judah. It then passes through Al Fardaniyah and Junaih before intersecting Highway 607 near Salasil, 61 km further. It then intersects Route 6466 which leads to King Fahd International Airport. 20 km after this intersection, it intersects Highway 95 (Route 5M), 6 km before it terminates at its intersection with Highway 613 (Dhahran-Jubail Expressway).

Major JunctionsEdit