High-Logic, founded in 1997 by Erwin Denissen,[citation needed] is a privately held company headquartered in De Bilt, the Netherlands. High-Logic produces font editing and font management software.


The company's flagship product is FontCreator (formerly known as Font Creator Program) for Microsoft Windows. Fonts are created using multiple vector drawing aids from free-hand drawing of individual glyphs to importing vector (PDF, EPS, SVG) or bitmap graphics.

On December 2, 2005 High-Logic released MainType, a font-management program for Windows, which has also been constantly updated and improved. Tools are provided for installing, uninstalling, loading (temporarily installing a font until your computer is turned off) and unloading fonts to the Windows Font Folder. In addition to providing a visual representation of each glyph and detailed information about each font AND rapid access to huge font collections, they can be easily arranged into user designed groups for seasonal or whatever categories a user can imagine. Even registry repair is included in the package.

On April 23, 2008 High-Logic released Scanahand, a font generator for Windows allows the user to print out a form, manually fill in the glyphs, scan it into the program and generate new fonts. As with the others, this program has been continually updated.


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