Higbald of Lindisfarne

Higbald of Lindisfarne (or Hygebald) was Bishop of Lindisfarne from 780 or 781 until his death on 25 May 803.[1] Little is known about his life except that he was a regular communicator with Alcuin of York; it is in his letters to Alcuin that Higbald described in graphic detail the Viking raid on Lindisfarne on 8 June 793 in which many of his monks were killed.

Higbald of Lindisfarne
Bishop of Lindisfarne
Appointed780 or 781
Term ended25 May 803
Personal details
Died25 May 803

Higbald has long been thought to be identical with the Speratus addressed in a letter by Alcuin of 797, but this is no longer viewed as likely.[2]


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