Higashiazai District, Shiga

Higashiazai (東浅井郡, Higashiazai-gun) was a district located in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

Map of Higashiazai District with Meiji period (1890) area in yellow.

At the 2005 Census the district was estimated to have a population of 14,509. The total area was 38.53 km2.


  • April 1, 1971 - The village of Biwa gained town status.
  • February 13, 2006 - The towns of Azai and Biwa were merged into the expanded city of Nagahama.
  • January 1, 2010 - The towns of Kohoku and Torahime were merged with the expanded city of Nagahama. Higashiazai District was dissolved as a result of this merger.



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Coordinates: 35°22′17″N 136°23′41″E / 35.3713°N 136.3946°E / 35.3713; 136.3946