Hieizan Sakamoto Station

Hieizan Sakamoto Station (比叡山坂本駅, Hieizan Sakamoto-eki) is a railway station in Ōtsu, Shiga, Japan. The station was previously named Eizan Station (叡山駅, Eizan-eki) until September 4, 1994, when the station's name was changed to its current name. Hieizan and Eizan means Mount Hiei, about 4 km west of the station.

Hieizan Sakamoto Station

Railway station
Hieizansakamoto station-20080107.jpg
Ticket window and gate under the elevated tracks
Coordinates35°04′13″N 135°52′42″E / 35.0704°N 135.8782°E / 35.0704; 135.8782Coordinates: 35°04′13″N 135°52′42″E / 35.0704°N 135.8782°E / 35.0704; 135.8782
Line(s)Kosei Line


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