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Hibana: Spark (火花) is a television series adaptation of the novel Spark by Naoki Matayoshi. It premiered worldwide on Netflix on June 2, 2016.[1][2][3] The story follows an aspiring stand-up comedian Tokunaga (Kento Hayashi), who embarks on an apprenticeship with Kamiya (Kazuki Namioka), a seasoned manzai artist.[4]

Hibana: Spark
Based onHibana by Naoki Matayoshi
Screenplay byMasato Kato
Miyuki Takahashi
Yuko Kato
Directed byRyūichi Hiroki
Kazuya Shiraishi
Shuichi Okita
Yasunori Mouri
Shinji Kuma
ComposersKōji Ueno
Tōru Ishitsuka
Country of originJapan
Original languageJapanese
No. of episodes10
ProducersAkihiko Okamoto
Keiichi Yoshizaki
David Lee
Noriyasu Kamiki
Original release
ReleaseJune 2, 2016 (2016-06-02)

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Reception edit

David Cirone of J-Generation criticized the slow pacing of the first half of the series, but said "even with its rough edges, Hibana shines with the power of its two leads [Hayashi and Namioka]."[5] Maggie Lee of Variety called the series "a profoundly reflective and achingly tender look at Japan's vibrant yet cutthroat comedy scene".[6] Elissa Loi of Stuff complimented the show for "steering away from the usual predictable Japanese tropes".[7]

Soundtrack edit

Theme song edit

Okamoto's - "Brother"[8] (released June 1, 2016)

Soundtrack album edit

Netflix Original Drama Hibana -Spark- Soundtrack (released February 26, 2017 by Yoshimoto Music Ltd.)[9]

Track# Track title English translation Artist
01. "Prologue" Prologue 上野耕路
02. "I See Reflections in Your Eyes" I See Reflections in Your Eyes 木戸やすひろ・上野耕路
03. "伝記" Biography 上野耕路
04. "師弟" Junior Brother 上野耕路
05. "Night" Night 大和女幸・上野耕路
06. "戯れ" Play 上野耕路
07. "公園" Park 上野耕路
08. "平穏" Calm 石塚徹
09. "平安" Peace 石塚徹
10. "太鼓" (Traditional Japanese) Drum 石塚徹
11. "不調和" Dissonance 上野耕路
12. "吉祥寺" Kichijōji (the city name) 上野耕路
13. "Corduroy" Corduroy 上野耕路
14. "おにまんま" Demon Rice (nickname of a cuisine Maki prepared) 上野耕路
15. "I See Reflections in Your Eyes (String Quartet Version)" I See Reflections in Your Eyes 上野耕路
16. "Monochrome" Monochrome 上野耕路
17. "愉快酒" 沖田修一とアモーレスターズ
18. "さすらい" Wandering 石塚徹
19. "視線" Sight 石塚徹
20. "うたかた" 石塚徹
21. "Attack" Attack 鈴木俊介
22. "Dance" Dance TEMMA-Teje
23. "ガラクタ" 石塚徹
24. "Irony" Irony 石塚徹
25. "引越し" 石塚徹
26. "Kick Sparks" Kick Sparks 石塚徹
27. "自戒" 上野耕路
28. "屈折" 上野耕路
29. "New Life" New Life 上野耕路
30. "Spark" Spark 石塚徹
31. "I See Reflections in Your Eyes (Long Version)" I See Reflections in Your Eyes 木戸やすひろ・上野耕路

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