HI-way is a single-player arcade game by Atari Inc., originally released in 1975. Marketed with the slogan “Hi Way — All It Needs Is Wheels,” it was Atari's first game to use a cockpit cabinet.[1]

Hi-Way 1975 arcade flyer.jpg
Developer(s)Atari, Inc.
ReleaseNorth America 1975
CabinetUpright, cockpit
SoundAmplified Mono (one channel)
DisplayHorizontal orientation, raster (Black and White), Standard Resolution, color overlay


The game hardware is a pre-cpu discreet logic design, and used the Durastress process. The cabinet was patented Oct. 20, 1975: (U.S. Patent # D243,626, ).


This is a game where you dodge cars on both sides of a narrow two lane road. For every car you pass you gain one point. If you hit a car on the road you lose all your momentum and do not gain the point. The player will sit in a cockpit and steer with a steering wheel. The game ends when time runs out.


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