Hi-Tops Video

Hi-Tops Video was a children's home video sublabel of Media Home Entertainment (a division of Heron Communications), active from 1980 until 1996. Some of its releases include some Charlie Brown specials, Madeline and primarily some of the original Baby Songs video releases beginning in 1987. (ex. Baby Songs, More Baby Songs, Even More Baby Songs, Turn On The Music, Baby Songs Presents: Baby Rock, etc)

Hi-Tops Video
IndustryHome video
Founded1980; 40 years ago (1980)
Defunct1996; 24 years ago (1996)
ParentIndependent (1980–1984),
Media Home Entertainment
(Heron Communications) (1984–1996)

Outside of the United States and Canada, Hi-Tops Video releases were distributed by other companies, examples being VPD (Video Program Distributors) in the United Kingdom and Family Home Entertainment in Australia (not related to the Lionsgate-owned company of the same name). (However, in Canada, some Hi-Tops Video releases were distributed by Astral Video, a now-defunct subsidiary of the present-day Astral Media.)


Snoopy's Home Video LibraryEdit

Hi-Tops Video was the original distributor of the first VHS releases of the majority of the Peanuts television specials. These specials were distributed as part of a series, Snoopy's Home Video Library.

Some other Peanuts specials, such as A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973), were not distributed by Hi-Tops Video, instead being distributed by Kartes Video Communications (a division of the E. W. Scripps Company), as well as some early VHS releases of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show. Some of the specials released in the Snoopy's Home Video Library series were earlier released by Media Home Entertainment on tapes with two or three specials appearing. The video (and DVD) distribution rights of all the Peanuts specials were later given to Paramount Home Entertainment from 1994 to 2007, then Warner Home Video from 2008 onwards.

Other shows and productsEdit

Some other original video series, such as Little Schoolhouse, were produced for Hi-Tops Video. Hi-Tops Video releases of The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin were designed to be compatible with the Teddy Ruxpin doll.

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