Hetek (magazine)

Hetek (Hungarian: Weekly) is a weekly pentecostalist news magazine published in Budapest, Hungary. The magazine has a conservative democratic political stance.[1]

Hetek logo.png
EditorSándor Németh
CategoriesNews magazine
PublisherOláh Printing Industrial Limited
FounderSándor Németh
Year founded1997; 25 years ago (1997)
Based inBudapest

History and profileEdit

Hetek was established by pastor Sándor Németh in 1997.[2][3][4] The magazine is published weekly on Fridays and is based in Budapest.[2][5] The magazine covers articles about politics, public life and religious issues[2] and has links to the Faith Church, a Pentecostal Christian sect headed by the founder.[4][6] Since 2009 the weekly has been published by the Oláh Printing Industrial Limited.[3]

One of the former editors-in-chief of Hetek is László Bartus, a church leader.[1]

Hetek has emphasized several times critics about Islam.[7]

The circulation of Hetek was 15,000 copies in 2010.[2]

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