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Hetair- or latinicized Hetaer- is a Greek linguistic root bearing the meaning of companion (cf. Latin Socii and societas). It is used in the following terms:

Ancient GreeceEdit

  • Hetairoi (sing. Hetairos), the name of the Macedonian aristocracy and later Companion cavalry
  • Hetaira (plural Hetairai), female sophisticated companions, courtesans
  • Hetairideia, a festival of Magnesians and Macedonians
  • Hetairiai or Ancient Greek clubs, associations of ancient Greeks who were united by a common interest or goal
  • Hetairia or Andreia, the Cretan terms for Doric Syssitia (common meals)
  • Hetaireios, an epithet of Zeus

Modern GreeceEdit

  • Filiki Eteria, a secret 19th century organization whose purpose was to overthrow Ottoman rule over Greece and to establish an independent Greek state
  • The Greek term for company, found in many business names such as Jumbo Anonymi Etairia


Other usesEdit