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The 3-Länder-Tour der Sparkassen Versicherung was a multi-stage road bicycle race held around three Länder of Germany: Hessen, Thuringia and Baden-Württemberg. From 2005 until 2007 it was part of the UCI Europe Tour, being organised as a 2.1 race.

Race details
DateMid September
RegionCentral Germany
English nameThree Länder Tour of Sparkassen Versicherung
Local name(s)3-Länder-Tour der Sparkassen Versicherung (in German)
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
TypeStage race
First edition1982 (1982)
Final edition2007
First winner Thomas Freienstein (GER)
Final winner Thomas Dekker (NED)

The race was previously known as Hessen-Rundfahrt, taking place in the Bundesland of Hessen, but in 2006 it expanded its territory to take place in the states of Thuringia and Baden-Württemberg.[1][2]

Winners' podium at Stage 1 of the 2006 3-Länder-Tour in Kassel


Year Country Rider Team
1982   West Germany Thomas Freienstein
1983   Czechoslovakia Ludek Kubias
1984   West Germany Thomas Freienstein
1985   West Germany Hartmut Bölts
1986   West Germany Christian Henn
1987   East Germany Jens Heppner SG Wismut Gera
1988   Soviet Union Pavel Tonkov
1989   Great Britain Matthew Stephens Hemel Hempstead CC
1990   France Christophe Capelle
1991   New Zealand Brian Fowler
1992   Germany Bert Dietz
1993   Germany Ralf Schmidt
1994   Czech Republic Pavel Padrnos

1995   Czech Republic Pavel Padrnos
1996   Germany Ralf Grabsch PSV Köln
1997   Germany Christian Henn Team Telekom
1998   Germany Grischa Niermann Die Continentale
1999   Germany Jens Zemke Team Nürnberger
2000   Germany Tobias Steinhauser Gerolsteiner
2001   Denmark Michael Blaudzun CSC–Tiscali
2002   Germany Uwe Peschel Gerolsteiner
2003   France Cédric Vasseur Cofidis
2004   Germany Sebastian Lang Gerolsteiner
2005   Poland Cezary Zamana Action–Ati
2006   Germany Sebastian Lang Gerolsteiner
2007   Netherlands Thomas Dekker Rabobank


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