Herzberg am Harz

Herzberg am Harz is a town in the Göttingen district of Lower Saxony, Germany.

Herzberg am Harz
View from the castle
View from the castle
Flag of Herzberg am Harz
Coat of arms of Herzberg am Harz
Location of Herzberg am Harz within Göttingen district
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Herzberg am Harz is located in Germany
Herzberg am Harz
Herzberg am Harz
Herzberg am Harz is located in Lower Saxony
Herzberg am Harz
Herzberg am Harz
Coordinates: 51°39′27″N 10°20′28″E / 51.65750°N 10.34111°E / 51.65750; 10.34111Coordinates: 51°39′27″N 10°20′28″E / 51.65750°N 10.34111°E / 51.65750; 10.34111
StateLower Saxony
Subdivisions6 districts
 • Mayor (2021–26) Christopher Wagner[1] (SPD)
 • Total71.88 km2 (27.75 sq mi)
240 m (790 ft)
 • Total12,723
 • Density180/km2 (460/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (CEST)
Postal codes
Dialling codes05521, 05585
Vehicle registrationGÖ, OHA


Herzberg is situated on the southwestern rim of the Harz mountain range and the Harz National Park. Natural monuments in the surrounding area include the Unicorn Cave, the Karst Trail, and the Rhume Spring.

The town centre is located on the Sieber river, about 32 km (20 mi) northeast of Göttingen and 90 km (56 mi) southeast of the state capital Hanover. The municipal area comprises the villages of Lonau, Pöhlde, Scharzfeld, and Sieber.


Herzberg Castle

Herzberg Castle in the Duchy of Saxony was first mentioned in an 1143 deed. A hunting lodge at the site was already erected from 1024 to 1029 by King Lothair II. It was seized by the Saxon Welf dynasty in 1144 and in 1158 became a property of Duke Henry the Lion with consent of the Hohenstaufen emperor Frederick Barbarossa.

The castle was part of the Grubenhagen estates of the Welf duke Henry I of Brunswick he received in 1291, when he and his brothers divided their heritage. A settlement below the castle was first documented in 1337. The Brunswick rulers of the Grubenhagen principality resided here from 1486 until the line became extinct in 1596. In 1617 Duke George of Brunswick-Lüneburg had his inheritance rights confirmed by Emperor Matthias and again lived at the castle with his wife Anne Eleonore of Hesse-Darmstadt until in 1636 he moved his residence to the Leineschloss in Hanover.

Herzberg first developed as a centre of cloth and linen manufacturing. In the 18th and 19th century important industries included brewing, the founding and turning of metal, agricultural machinery and boot making as well as arms production for the Hanover forces. Herzberg received town privileges in 1929,[3] when it was part of the Prussian Province of Hanover.

Herzberg is 'Esperanto-urbo"Edit

In 2006, the city council decided to advertise Herzberg as Esperanto-Stadt ("Esperanto city", Esperanto: Esperanto-urbo).[4] In Esperanto, the city is called Hercbergo-ĉe-Harco or simply Hercbergo. Herzberg is also the location of a centre that promotes the international auxiliary language Esperanto, the Interkultura Centro Herzberg (Esperanto for "Intercultural Center of Herzberg").


City councilEdit

Seats in the city council as of local elections on 11 September 2011:

Elections in 2016:

  • LINKE (LEFT) = 1
  • SPD = 12
  • Greens = 2
  • FDP = 2
  • CDU = 10
  • AfD = 3
  • Total = 30

Twinning citiesEdit

Herzberg is twinned with:

Economy and infrastructureEdit

Resident companiesEdit

  • Pleissner Guss GmbH
  • Smurfit Kappa Herzberger Papierfabrik and Wellpappe (Production of paper and corrugated cardboard)
  • Jungfer Druckerei und Verlag (Printing and publishing)
  • PEMA GmbH (Truck rental)
  • Kliniken Herzberg und Osterode GmbH (Clinic, also in Osterode)
  • ANDIA International GmbH


Primary schools:

  • Mahnte-Grundschule
  • Nicolai-Grundschule
  • Einhornschule, Scharzfeld
  • Grundschule am Rotenberg, Pöhlde

Secondary Schools:

Notable peopleEdit

Sons and daughters of the townEdit

Karl von Einem

Other personalities in connection with the townEdit

  • Eva Herman (*1958 in Emden, author and former television presenter, among others Tagesschau, spent most of her childhood in Herzberg and attended the Ernst Moritz Arndt-Gymnasium)

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